Things To Do In Burundi

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Things To Do In Burundi

Gishora Drums Sanctuary

Welcome to Burundi's premier tourist attraction. Built-in 1903 by King Mwami Mwezi IV Gisabo Bikata-Bijoga after his victory over the rebellious chief Ntibirangwa. It is in this place where he was hidden. After the victory, the King commanded the construction of the site as a thank you to an old man named Nyabidaha for saving his life when he was pursued by enemies. Home to Abatimbo drummers, the best of the best and must-see in Burundi

Bora Bora Beach Lake Tanganyika

Welcome to Bujumbura's premier beach resort, Bora Bora beach. It's a family and couple affair at its best. Best cuisine, pristine white sandy beach, warm water from Lake Tanganyika, and a world-class swimming pool. This is one of the best beaches in East Africa. Discover it with us.

Ruvubu Safari National Park

Ruvubu National Park is a national park in Burundi covering 508 km² that was established in 1980. Its borders fall within the provinces of Karuzi, Muyinga, Cankuzo, and Ruyigi. The park touches neighboring Tanzania to the south, the valley of the Ruvubu River whose landscape dominates this area. Here you will see It is home to a number of wildlife species, most notably hippopotamusNile crocodileCape buffalowaterbuck, numerous duiker species, and five primate species, including olive baboonvervet monkeyred colobus monkeyblue monkey, and Senegal bushbaby. Approximately 200 species of birds were recorded in the park.

Karera Falls
Welcome to Rutana Province home of The Chutes de la Karera a spectacular series of waterfalls in southeastern Burundi. They are located to the south of Rutana. The falls occupy over 142 hectares and are made up of six branches divided into three landings. A must-see in Burundi 
Musee Vivant Bujumbura

Known as Le Musee Vivant in French, The Living Museum of Bujumbura is a zoo and museum in Burundi. The museum is located in Bujumbura, the country's largest city and former capital, and is one of the country's two public museums. It is dedicated to the wildlife and art of Burundi

Rusizi National Park

Welcome to Rusizi National Park, a must-see on your Bujumbura bucket list. The Park is next to the Rusizi River. It is 15 km north of the city of Bujumbura and home to thousands of hippopotamuses, crocodiles and sitatungas. It is a bird paradise for animals enthusiastic. Join us on a boat-guided safari and see the Rusizi River mouth jetting itself in Lake Tanganyika.